Community Based Learning



As a group, select an issue that affects our local community. Your project will consist of four (4) parts:

1 – WRITING: In addition to an individual 4-5 page essay on your issue of choice, additional written assignement will be completed by your team including a contract, proposal, two updates, and a reflection.

2 – RESEARCH: Research the issue using at least three (3) sources [such as newspaper, websites or blogs, personal interviews, related organizations, books, etc.] One (1) source should be a non-profit organization that focuses on your chosen issue. You should understand the cause of this issue, whether it is considered a “controversial issue” and what both sides of this issue are, and how the issue affects our local community. [How you define community is up to you; it might be the campus student body, the city in which you live, the state or nation, or some other definition.]

How do you find an issue? Check out The Signal Newspaper or The Antelope Valley Press for current news stories. Also visit the C.O.C. Community-Based Learning webpage for a list of non-profit organizations. You may choose something not on the list, but it must be cleared by me first.


3 – CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: With your group, determine one or more possible solutions to this problem and take an active step toward one of those solutions. In other words, how can you make a difference? For example, if your issue of choice is homelessness, you might organize a canned food drive to donate to the Food Pantry. Or if you’ve chosen literacy, you might arrange to volunteer at a local school to read aloud to the students. The possibilities are endless. Two written updates on your group’s progress will be submitted.


4 – PRESENTATION: Your group will present your findings and experiences to the class. The format of your presentation is up to you, but some possible ideas include: PowerPoint, website/blog, video, a play, poster or other visual display, website, printed material such as a pamphlet, etc. The presentation MUST involve every member of the group and should not exceed 20 minutes, including time for questions. Your final presentations MUST be submitted to me via email (including all pertinent links & attachments) by the deadline.


(This is not a complete list. You can choose something not on this list.)


Animal Testing
Animal Cruelty/Adoptions/Shelters
Drug Addiction
Mental Illness
Aging/Senior Citizens
Single Parenting
Domestic Violence
Veteran Services
Patriotism or Lack Thereof
Illnesses/Diseases (ie. diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc.)
Disabled Services
Traffic Congestion
Sex Trafficking
Social Media Addiction
Suicide Prevention
Immigrant Integration (into society, schools, work force, etc)
Cost of College Textbooks/Tuition


Gender Equality
The Wall - Illegal Immigration
Minimum Wage
Death Penalty
Black Lives Matter
#Metoo Movement
Education Issues (such as lack of funding, class sizes, alternative schooling options, etc)
Gun Control/Rights (Prevention of school shootings, etc.)
Prison Reform
Term Limits
The CA Bullet Train
Global Warming
National Deficit
Dreamers Act
Obamacare/Socialized Medicine

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