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Sand and Shadow

Coming in 2021!

The Storytellers

2015 Spark Award Winner

2017 Moonbeam Awards

Gold Medalist

2017 USA Best Book Finalist


2017 Spark Honor Book

2017 Indie Ebook Award Honorable Mention

2018 LDSPMA Award Honorable Mention

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2020 Moonbeam Awards Bronze Medalist

2014 Rosemary YA RWA

2nd Place Winner

The Rock of Ivanore

Marcus is a failure as an enchanter's apprentice, but he must use magic to save his land from evil.

The Last Enchanter

Marcus must use his newfound powers to protect the new king from an unknown assassin.

Seer of the Guilde

Marcus embarks on his most dangerous quest yet -- to rescue Ivanore from the Vatez.

ContactEbookFinal copy.jpg

Mira uploads psyches with a single touch, but her gift could get her killed.

The Crystal Keeper: Exile

14 years before The Rock of Ivanore, Jayson fights his inner demons and his enemies to protect the Seer's crystal.

The Crystal Keeper:

Ivanore risks capture to search for her beloved Jayson while her brother plots to overthrow their father's kingdom.

The Crystal Keeper: Vengeance

Ivanore and Jayson must make a terrible choice: be together at last, or protect the crystal and lose each other forever.

Mickey Malloy, Wonder Boy!

Mickey is an ordinary boy until a strange contraption makes him magnetic!

The Crystal Keeper: Hidden

As Arik's hatred for Jayson grows, his violence increases, attempting to draw out the Guardians from hiding.

The Crystal Keeper: Defiant

After escaping from the Vatez, Ivanore goes in search of Jayson only to discover that Arik has yet again betrayed her.

The Crystal Keeper: Fallen

After their reunion is cut short by a Vatez attack, Jayson recovers from his wounds while Ivanore resists Arik's threats.

8 Secrets_ebook_cover.jpg
8 Secrets to Successful Self-Publishing

Learn to publish like a pro using these proven tips.

The Kids' Guide to Writing Fiction

An engaging workbook about the fundamentals of storytelling.

Teaching Kids to Write Well

A grown-up's guide to helping kids fall in love with writing.

Mirror, Mirror

A Short Story

What Andy finds in the attic of his great-grandmother's house leaves him running for his life.

Eye of the Beholder

A Short Story

Chester Van Bruer buys a new face to impress the girl next door - with distressing results.



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