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SCBWI Los Angeles Writers Day

2015 Writers Contest

1st Runner-up, Non-fiction



"The book has been useful in my Creative Writing class. It helped me come up with plots for my assignments and helped me think of ideas for my assignments..."

- Nicolette G., Mount Saint Mary's University


"The first runner-up is a how-to book on the craft of writing fiction that should be well-received by youngsters – from struggling students to budding novelists – as well as  by teachers, and even adult aspiring writers. Following an excellent and  encouraging introduction, author Laurisa White Reyes presents key elements of fiction writing and clarifies them with examples and worksheets. Concepts are explained in simple, clear language and gently introduce vocabulary words. The Kids’ Guide to Writing Fiction will offer welcome guidance to storytellers of all ages."

- Judge's comment, 2015 SCBWI -LA Writers Day Contest




We are all storytellers.

Whether weaving mythologies in ancient times or describing the plot of a favorite movie today, humans have, since the beginning of time, loved to tell stories.

In THE KIDS' GUIDE TO WRITING FICTION, students explore the building blocks needed to construct a story: characterization, setting, plot, perspective, imagery, and dialog. Then they will use these building blocks to create their own stories.

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