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For Homeschoolers, Parents & Educators

"As a parent who has homeschooled my children, I can say it's a great resource for parents who are interested in making sure their kids learn excellent writing skills." - Rachel Tolman Terry, author of Sister WhoDat, NY Agent & the Tolman Hall Homschool Literature Unit Studies


"I have both the kindle copy and the printed copy of this book because I love it so much." - Booklover, Amazon 5 Star Review

In Teaching Kids to Write Well: Six Secrets Every Grown-Up Should Know, author, parent and educator Laurisa White Reyes reveals key strategies for cultivating a love of writing in children. Too many of today’s children are “turned off” to writing because of criticism, poor grades, or being assigned topics that are of little interest to them. While all children should eventually be taught the rules of grammar and proper structure, they must first discover the joy of writing through the use of imaginative and restriction-free creative writing. The six secrets she describes are tools for parents and educators to shape their own attitudes and expectations in order to establish what she calls a writing friendly environment in which children can explore the joys of writing without the pressure and constraints of traditional classroom situations. Parents and teachers looking for a way to motivate reluctant writers will find this book both informative and inspiring.


This book is a must-have for any homeschool library.

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