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The Case for Calvary

A new study on Christ's atonement just for Latter-day Saints:

• Where did Jesus Christ atone for our sins?

• Why don't Latter-day Saints display the cross?

• How can we prevent more youth from leaving the Church?

In The Case for Calvary, Laurisa Reyes delves into these and other challenging questions, relying on scripture and the testimonies of Latter-day prophets for answers which do not always agree with commonly held assumptions.

Concerned by a decades-old trend of exalting Gethsemane over Christ’s crucifixion, Reyes embarked on years of study to confirm what prophets old and new have taught. Her aim with this book is to clarify misunderstandings about the doctrine of atonement and to emphasize the necessity of gratitude for the Savior’s sacrifice on our behalf.

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